Veranstaltung Facilitation I Ende Gelände Skill-Share

28.04.2020 12:00:00 bis 28.04.2020 12:00:00
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28th April Facilitation
Want to make sure that everyone gets heard in meetings? Want to avoid
discussions going on endlessly in circles, with no consensus emerging?
This webinar shares ideas, methods and strategies to moderate/facilitate
meetings, with a special focus on how Ende Gelände is organising and
facilitating large meetings.


Ende Gelände gets often asked how we organize our actions of civil
disobedience. Now, we want to use the forced pause for actions to share
our knowledge with our (international) comrades.

Every Tuesday at 8 pm starting at the 14th of April we will offer a webinar. The first
webinar will tackle the topic of mass mobilization. Webinars on
facilitation of big plenaries, secure communication, and storytelling
for the media will follow. The webinars will be in English if not stated
otherwise. Everybody who's part of the Climate Movement is very welcome
to join the webinars and bring their expirences. Please forward the info
to everybody who might be interested.

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